In the Northern Rockies, God’s power and majesty are evident everywhere you look. Wilderness settings are the places we can best see His creation and immerse ourselves in the Lord’s splendor. The trips are designed to expose young people to the beauty of His creation and use the challenges of these outdoor experiences as vessels to present the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The trips are physically and emotionally challenging! Most young people don’t get away from their comfort zones, video games, and cell phones enough to realize what their bodies are really capable of. Lat45 leaders will push participants (within reason) to accomplish physical feats that will build character and help kids understand what a healthy, exercise filled lifestyle can produce. 

Everyday is an adventure with God!

2019 Summer Trips

Clydehurst Trip : June 19-22

Both a girl’s trip and a boy’s trip is offered this week for Clydehurst Christian Ranch’s campers. (Boy’s and Girl’s FULL)

Clydehurst Trip: June 25-29th

Both a girl’s and boy’s trip is offered this week for Clydehurst Christian Ranch’s campers. (Boy’s and Girl’s FULL)

Boy’s Trip: June 29-July 6th (FULL)

Girl’s Trip: July 15-19th

Boy’s Trip: July 22-26th

Boy’s Trip: July 31-August 4th (FULL)

Below is the packing list and application.  We do have an online waiver that can be emailed directly to you instead of printing and mailing.  Please contact us if you'd like an online application emailed to you. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates.


The first day of your trip consists of the below:

  • Meet with group

  • Get oriented with your gear and pack the van

  • Drive to the trailhead

  • Pre-hike safety briefing and backcountry orientation

  • Leave no trace training

  • Hike into the first night's camp spot

  • Set up camp

  • Dinner with a bear safety training

  • Evening bible study

The next four days on the trail will consist of hiking, bible studies, self reflection time to journal, setting up and taking down camp, and camp fire cooking. Other things you can expect to do are fish, summit a peak, swim, and make new friends. 

Lat45 Adventure Ministries wilderness backpacking trips are the opportunity of a lifetime for young people to come to a true understanding of who they are, who God is, and how their lives fit into His ultimate plan! We are so excited to see each participant grow in their personal walk with Jesus Christ.


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