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Are you interested in serving with Lat45° for the summer?

We need your help! Come and hike along-side us as we work together to share the gospel.

We are excited to serve with you in the great commission.

Apply Today!



Gear repair, gear inventory, gear cleaning, packing for trips, purchasing supplies, making sure there are enough supplies on hand for trips, route planning, logistics (set up meeting place and time of pickup and drop off), communication with parents and participants, go on adventure trips.

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Our summer missionary will be asked to raise all the financial support needed for their assignment.  They can raise this support from family, friends, businesses, churches, or other sources.  The support will be donated directly to Lat45° for dissemination to the missionary.

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Important Dates

Assignment term: June 1st – August 10th

Application deadline: January 15th

Acceptance deadline: March 1st

Fundraising deadline: May 1st

Online Discipleship: March 18th – May 24th (one hour per week)

Benefits of Interning

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In return for leading backpacking trips, an intern would be taught to lead and teach youth about outdoors, lead/facilitate Bible studies, backpack, set up camp, care for gear, proper use of gear, planning/logistics for a week trip in backcountry, bear safety, and college credit if applicable.

Here's how to apply...

Please write a one-page essay answering the following questions and submit it to our email at

Write “Summer Missionary Application” in the subject line.


Why do you want to serve as a summer intern with Lat45°?


What experience do you have that equips you to fulfill the position of summer intern based on the job description?

Summer Missionary Program 2024

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Lat45°Adventure Ministries is fully funded by donations from individuals like you. It is because of the financial gifts that young people can be a part of a God driven outdoor adventure experience for free. God has done, is doing, and will continue to do mind blowing works through this ministry.


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